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La Boutique de Noël has implemented a Reward Program for its customers. This program allows you to earn ” BN points ” for specific actions. Once your points have been accumulated, all you have to do is redeem them to get discounts on your purchase. Thus, you save money !

To benefit from the Reward Program, you must have an ” account ”.

Accumulated ” BN points ” are not subject to an expiration date. You can use them whenever you want !

While shopping, you will see an assigned number of ” BN points ” under each product. This includes all products, including those on sale.

For each product you select, a number of ” BN points ” are temporarily assigned. It is only after you purchase this or these product (s) that the ” BN points ” are added to your account.

On your next purchase, you will be able to use them or continue to accumulate them. It’s up to you !

Note that ” BN points ” are generated based on the value of the product and not on the basket total.

Note also that ” BN points ” can never be redeemed for cash or credit.

You can also earn additional ” BN points ”. How to do ?

  1. When you pay for your order, you get ” 10 additional BN points ”.
  2. When your purchase is over
    • $ 50, before taxes, you get ” 15 additional BN points ” ;
    • $ 100, before taxes, you get ” 40 additional BN points ” (not to mention that shipping is free) ;
    • $ 250, before taxes, you get ” 125 additional BN points ” (not to mention that shipping is free).
  3. When it is your birthday, you get ” 25 additional BN points ”. So add your date of birth in your ” account ”.
  4. When you have accumulated ” 50 BN points ” in your account, La Boutique de Noël will award you ” 15 addtionnal BN points ”.
  5. Juste like you, when someone subscribes to our mailing list, the get ” 25 BN points ” and if they have been referred by you, you receive in return ” 15 BN points ”. To do so, all they need to do is add your name when subscribing to our website.
Subscription to mail list

La Boutique de Noël like to recognize your contribution to its development and say thank you !